G1 (God First) Youth Group  Ages: 6th-12th grade
As adults, we have the responsibility to help youth grow in their faith & become fruitful members of the congregation and community. EMPC Youth provides a way for youth to actively participate in the church while teaching them about Jesus, His church & living as a Christian. We’re establishing an organization where youth can have fun & fellowship with others their age and provide them a sense of belonging. Our purpose is to invite everyone into a relationship with Jesus. Through encouragement & fellowship, we challenge youth to grow & discover God’s vision in preparation to go into the world to reach others.

K.ids F.or C.hrist (K.F.C.) Ages children K-5th grade.

Our vision is to: 
 1. Share the love of Jesus with the children helping each one to develop a personal relationship with Him.
 2. To help them grow in spiritual maturity & recognize the importance of serving God and others.
 3. Equipping them to tell others about Jesus & demonstrating His power and love.